Patricia and the Turin Horse

Our favorite poetess Patricia again decides to share her emotions with MEMO. We are once again grateful, it’s a great present for us and for our readers. On this occasion she faced a difficult proof, a very serious and deep movie of 2011 from the Hungarian director Béla Tarr, ‘The Turin Horse’. Bela and the screenwriter László Krasznahorkai with this movie have concluded something that might be called an apocalyptic trilogy.

The Georgian Band Nino Katamadze & Insight in poetry by Patricia Johanna Pluijmers

MEMO offers a new way of approaching music bringing nearer an interesting and diverse singer as the Georgian Nino Katamadze & Insight with a young and talented Dutch poet Patricia Johanna Pluijmers.
While not knowing each other, their paths crossed on the web and, while listening to the tracks of the last album of Nino Katamadze & Insight “GREEN”, Patricia took inspiration, a kind of enlightenment.
Patricia has managed to recreate through her poem a perfect dynamism, soft and cadenced.

Jim Kazanjian – Aberrations

‘Aberrations’ is a series of photographic collages created by Jim Kazanjian a talented commercial CGI artist who is currently living in Portland, Oregon. The author is able to recreate imaginative worlds with technically amazing digital collages. He cuts and glues together hundreds of photos, architecture, landscapes and nature elements generating impossible places, sometimes dirty and chaotic some others ordered and hypnotic.

Dain Fagerholm – Stereographic Drawing

Dain Fagerholm is an American illustrator. He’s from Seattle the city that gave birth to Nirvana. With his recent series of Stereographic hand drawn illustrations he has been able to surprise us. The resulting effect is charming and the scenes are funny but at the same time they carry some anxiousness with them. The sketched style is in contrast with the hyper realistic one typical of the classical stereographic images.


The general description of their music is alternative rock and hip-pop but…are we really sure that this can deeply express who are Gorillaz?
The visual members of this so called collective are all skillful musicians but totally miserable animated characters: 2-D Vocals, Keyboard deeply influenced by Butorphanol Tartate, Phil Oakey and Lucio Fulci. The Japanese Noodle to the Guitars influenced by Haiku Poetry, Lao Zi and Richie Sambora. The man-mountain Russel Hobbs to the Drums has influences coming from Farrakhan and Chaka Khan. The satanic Murdoc Niccals to the Bass and drum machine, he is influenced by Sabbath, Dub, J Andrew Anderson, Dennis Wilson and Satan.

Roland Seer – Interview

‘My name is Roland Seer. I was born on 16th of June 1987 in a small Estonian city Called Otepää. I like music, art, animation and spiritual power because it is fun. Thinking is my privilege.’
MEMO offers an interview with Roland a young boy passionate of the difficult art of animation. He will tell us his technique, will talk about his project ‘Solstice’ lasted more than a year and he will explain the various facets of his fascinating animated passion.

Hugo by Martin Scorsese

Many film critics (and other viewers) compare the current 3D-movies to the beginning of film history, when the moving pictures were just another sensation for carnival magicians. Martin Scorsese puts this comparison in his award-winning ‘Hugo’ together, when he tells a story from the early times of cinema by using the new (and in this case well done) 3D-technique of our days.

Drive by Nicolas Winding Refn

You really should go to cinema and watch ‘Drive’, the US-debut by Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn. There are many reasons to pay the ticket for this movie: one is the next-to-perfect-performances by Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan, second the excellent soundtrack by Angelo Badalamenti and last but not least the brilliant directing that Refn already showed in movies like ‘Bleeder’ or ‘Valhalla Rising’.

Shame by Michael Fassbender

When acclaimed Michael Fassbender performed for Steve McQueen’s debut ‘Hunger’, he embodied a guy, that hungers to death. In ‘Shame’, the director’s second film, Fassbender is again the body centers of the plot, but this time it’s because of his character’s sex addiction.

60 Inspiring Vintage Book Covers

Julian Montague with his Daily Book Graphics project has collected more than one thousand book covers, mainly from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Here we present a selection of the most inspiring covers we found, if you are interested in seeing the complete project visit the official website.