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Homage to Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock is certainly not an unexplored subject for those involved in cinema but there is no need to be an expert in the field to get in touch with his movies or his life. The opening sentence of the famous biography devoted to the English director, written by John Russell Taylor, reminds us that while everything has been said about Hitchcock, it is not enough: “Two facts are obvious: everyone knows Alfred Hitchcock and nobody knows him.”

Matthew Lyons

Matthew Lyons is a young British illustrator who has a personal, already consolidated retro-futuristic style with a very well integrated modern touch. Objects and landscapes are most of the time based on basic shapes, triangle in primis, but thanks to a very accurate use of colors, textures, light and shadows they have a soul, resulting warm and attractive.

62nd International Berlin Film Festival

Berlin in these days of February is covered by snow and the windows of the great modern buildings of Potsdamer Platz glow of lights. The immaculate stage of the Berlinale, the great cultural representation now in its sixty second year, has the windows of the towering skyscrapers glinting in the dark frames of metal and reflects the large, colorful film posters that cover the entire city, teeming with tourists and lovers of the good cinema.

Sarah Wilmer

Deep caves, a wild and friendly nature, forests and vast landscape appears to be her favorite scenarios. The sense of vastness and immensity overwhelmed our eyes. In this particular case is not frightening us, the small men and women included in this huge and mysterious planet, are not feeling menaced by it. The world, the earth and any remote and dark place on it, are seen by Sarah like a playground available for the enjoyment of its protagonists: us.

Georgi Dimitrov AKA Erase

Georgi Dimitrov is a Bulgarian Illustratort and Street Artist. His work is an explosion of color and is able to turn anonymous walls into beautiful pictures.

Florence + The Machine – Ceremonials

Who is the reddish and British Florence Welch? In an interview with Nylon magazine she said: “I wanted to be a witch when I was a child. I was obsessed with witchcraft. I always wanted to live in a world more magical. I had a small shrine at home and once I threw a spell because I wanted the child in the class next to mine to fell in love with me”. Indeed she is a witch, she is able to capture our mind and thoughts, each song can be suitable to any listener, the majesty of her lyrics lies in their universality.

Filip Dujardin – Fictions

In his series ‘Fictions’ Filip Dujardin, a Belgian independent photographer, literally plays with architecture. A high knowledge of the photographic media as well of the post production, highly involved in this work, allow the author to create amazing images where the impossible becomes real with absurd buildings, a collage of many other real buildings parts photographed and glued together with a computer.