The Georgian Band Nino Katamadze & Insight in poetry by Patricia Johanna Pluijmers

MEMO offers a new way of approaching music bringing nearer an interesting and diverse singer as the Georgian Nino Katamadze & Insight with a young and talented Dutch poet Patricia Johanna Pluijmers.

While not knowing each other, their paths crossed on the web and, while listening to the tracks of the last album of Nino Katamadze & Insight “GREEN”, Patricia took inspiration, a kind of enlightenment.

Patricia has managed to recreate through her poem a perfect dynamism, soft and cadenced. If you happen to listen to the song Until in particular, it is worth accompany it to the reading of the poetry that has emerged from it.

Enough with the usual reviews, from the music we demand creative inspirationand not just passive listening.

Until we stop dreaming

Her soft naked footsteps soundlessly touch
The wooden floor in her home,
They guide her to the water – her steps,
She wears a nightgown that slowly dances
Around her legs every time the wind
Comes across to check her walk,
Where is she really going, while she sleeps?

Back to the roots she dismissed to me
In confident talk?
Explaining herself to others in a world
That is not hers – was it ever?
A curiosity that drives to madness
If not properly embraced by
One or two of the others, who know
That place in her dreams just as well…

What are you singing about,
In words that I understand somehow,
In the place where I was, but not in this life,
Where I discovered gratefulness
For the beauty of your laugh,
For you and your eyebrows,
Your scrutinized looks,
The moments you seem careless,
The moments you make me laugh…

And the madness ending – waiting
For the more than short-lived revelation,
Oh strong woman from the South,
It matters that you are here
Among a thousand places,
Taking words that I, who knows of fleeing,
Cannot speak,
You take them from my mouth –
Did they ever exist there?

But as you continue confirming,
I wonder:
Do you confirm in dreams,
Will you embrace me also
If you stop dreaming?
Will you stop dreaming?

…And then I realize again,
That we are already in a dream,
Or in life, operating, breathing…
And sleeping is not what causes dreaming,
And I walk next to you, and each time
Our naked heels touch the earth, daylight
Is drawn, and rises slowly from behind the trees,
Across the waterside, to which
On another day of randomness,
We head contentedly,
Until we stop dreaming.

Patricia Johanna Pluijmers