Russ Mills

Russ Mills, also known as byroglyphics is a British long term freelance illustrator who moved to the exhibitive path. The paintings here presented are part of his recent work and are mainly focused on the human and animal subject, exploring their forms with a very characteristic style. The process starts on paper where the author usually draws with a pen, then he scans the image in order to elaborate it with Photoshop, finally he transfers the image on canvas for the final result.

‘Sempervivum’ – 2009

‘Mia Salix’ detail – 2009

‘Spectral Delays’ – 2007

‘Fries To Go’ detail – 2009

‘Polyhedra’ detail – 2009

‘We Could Be Jpegs’ – 2008

‘Shinjuku Bionauts’ detail – 2008

’404 Denied’ – 2008

‘Leviticus’ detail – 2009

‘Blackpop’ detail – 2009

‘Bebecalyx’ – 2010

‘FM Synthesis’ – 2007

‘Rotundenpaltz Fantastaplex’ detail – 2007

‘Ricochet’ detail – 2007