Sarah Wilmer

Born and raised in Missouri, Sarah Wilmer lives and works in New York, where she also attended the Parsons School of Design. Sarah is sharing her flat with her best friend: a cat called Tubs.
Deep caves, a wild and friendly nature, forests and vast landscape appears to be her favorite scenarios. The sense of vastness and immensity overwhelmed our eyes. In this particular case is not frightening us, the small men and women included in this huge and mysterious planet, are not feeling menaced by it. The world, the earth and any remote and dark place on it, are seen by Sarah like a playground available for the enjoyment of its protagonists: us.

Some shoots recalls the apocalyptic scenes of the last movie of Lars Von Trier Melancholia, some others have the rigorous perfection of the impressive paintings of the famous Italian artist Caravaggio, just one spot of light that radiates the mainly black pictures and suddenly the attention is exactly on what Sarah planned to show to her viewers.

Constant movements, jumps, fast rushes together with a semi-dark atmosphere are the challenges that this young photographer is facing with during her projects and MEMO has the right to say that she is plenty managing in capturing the intrinsic meanings of each concept, even in this quite unusual conditions.