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Jim Kazanjian – Aberrations

‘Aberrations’ is a series of photographic collages created by Jim Kazanjian a talented commercial CGI artist who is currently living in Portland, Oregon. The author is able to recreate imaginative worlds with technically amazing digital collages. He cuts and glues together hundreds of photos, architecture, landscapes and nature elements generating impossible places, sometimes dirty and chaotic some others ordered and hypnotic.

Dain Fagerholm – Stereographic Drawing

Dain Fagerholm is an American illustrator. He’s from Seattle the city that gave birth to Nirvana. With his recent series of Stereographic hand drawn illustrations he has been able to surprise us. The resulting effect is charming and the scenes are funny but at the same time they carry some anxiousness with them. The sketched style is in contrast with the hyper realistic one typical of the classical stereographic images.

60 Inspiring Vintage Book Covers

Julian Montague with his Daily Book Graphics project has collected more than one thousand book covers, mainly from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Here we present a selection of the most inspiring covers we found, if you are interested in seeing the complete project visit the official website.

Nicholas Hendrickx – The Adventures Of Mr. Fly

Nicholas Hendrickx, a Belgian photographer, on his Flickr profile defines himself as ‘a perfectionist with great patience and an enjoyer of life and its little details’ and looking to his work we must believe to his words. This series is a great example of miniature art and the choice of the subject is pretty original: a fly. The author recreates small worlds with few objects and blurred backgrounds in order to isolate the subject and his actions.

Matthew Lyons

Matthew Lyons is a young British illustrator who has a personal, already consolidated retro-futuristic style with a very well integrated modern touch. Objects and landscapes are most of the time based on basic shapes, triangle in primis, but thanks to a very accurate use of colors, textures, light and shadows they have a soul, resulting warm and attractive.

Georgi Dimitrov AKA Erase

Georgi Dimitrov is a Bulgarian Illustratort and Street Artist. His work is an explosion of color and is able to turn anonymous walls into beautiful pictures.

Filip Dujardin – Fictions

In his series ‘Fictions’ Filip Dujardin, a Belgian independent photographer, literally plays with architecture. A high knowledge of the photographic media as well of the post production, highly involved in this work, allow the author to create amazing images where the impossible becomes real with absurd buildings, a collage of many other real buildings parts photographed and glued together with a computer.

Carli Davidson – Shake

Carli Davidson, currently living in Portland, is a fine art pet photographer with a past as animal caretaker and she recently published a new series of photographs named “Shake”. These images in few months have gathered the international attention of the press, mainly thanks to the exponential spreading power of social networks, Facebook firstly. Carli caught some amazing images of dogs and cats shaking off water from themselves.

Alex Stoddard – Interview

It’s very rare to see a talent so young and yet so mature. Alex Stoddard breaks into the world of photography through a titanic project and in few months his name spreads like wildfire on the specialized online press and over. The project is called 365, a simple idea whose real strength lies in its creation. A picture per day for a whole year, mainly self-portraits.

Russ Mills

Russ Mills, also known as byroglyphics is a British long term freelance illustrator who moved to the exhibitive path. The paintings here presented are part of his recent work and are mainly focused on the human and animal subject, exploring their forms with a very characteristic style.