Motion MEMOs

Patricia and the Turin Horse

Our favorite poetess Patricia again decides to share her emotions with MEMO. We are once again grateful, it’s a great present for us and for our readers. On this occasion she faced a difficult proof, a very serious and deep movie of 2011 from the Hungarian director Béla Tarr, ‘The Turin Horse’. Bela and the screenwriter László Krasznahorkai with this movie have concluded something that might be called an apocalyptic trilogy.

Dain Fagerholm – Stereographic Drawing

Dain Fagerholm is an American illustrator. He’s from Seattle the city that gave birth to Nirvana. With his recent series of Stereographic hand drawn illustrations he has been able to surprise us. The resulting effect is charming and the scenes are funny but at the same time they carry some anxiousness with them. The sketched style is in contrast with the hyper realistic one typical of the classical stereographic images.

Roland Seer – Interview

‘My name is Roland Seer. I was born on 16th of June 1987 in a small Estonian city Called Otepää. I like music, art, animation and spiritual power because it is fun. Thinking is my privilege.’
MEMO offers an interview with Roland a young boy passionate of the difficult art of animation. He will tell us his technique, will talk about his project ‘Solstice’ lasted more than a year and he will explain the various facets of his fascinating animated passion.

Hugo by Martin Scorsese

Many film critics (and other viewers) compare the current 3D-movies to the beginning of film history, when the moving pictures were just another sensation for carnival magicians. Martin Scorsese puts this comparison in his award-winning ‘Hugo’ together, when he tells a story from the early times of cinema by using the new (and in this case well done) 3D-technique of our days.

Drive by Nicolas Winding Refn

You really should go to cinema and watch ‘Drive’, the US-debut by Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn. There are many reasons to pay the ticket for this movie: one is the next-to-perfect-performances by Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan, second the excellent soundtrack by Angelo Badalamenti and last but not least the brilliant directing that Refn already showed in movies like ‘Bleeder’ or ‘Valhalla Rising’.

Shame by Michael Fassbender

When acclaimed Michael Fassbender performed for Steve McQueen’s debut ‘Hunger’, he embodied a guy, that hungers to death. In ‘Shame’, the director’s second film, Fassbender is again the body centers of the plot, but this time it’s because of his character’s sex addiction.

Homage to Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock is certainly not an unexplored subject for those involved in cinema but there is no need to be an expert in the field to get in touch with his movies or his life. The opening sentence of the famous biography devoted to the English director, written by John Russell Taylor, reminds us that while everything has been said about Hitchcock, it is not enough: “Two facts are obvious: everyone knows Alfred Hitchcock and nobody knows him.”

62nd International Berlin Film Festival

Berlin in these days of February is covered by snow and the windows of the great modern buildings of Potsdamer Platz glow of lights. The immaculate stage of the Berlinale, the great cultural representation now in its sixty second year, has the windows of the towering skyscrapers glinting in the dark frames of metal and reflects the large, colorful film posters that cover the entire city, teeming with tourists and lovers of the good cinema.

7th ClipAward – Low & No Budget Short Film Festival

The ClipAward independent festival shows short features, animations, trash movies, documentaries, music videos, etc. and offers a platform and a network to promote your shorts, thus making them accessible to a wider public.

Faust by Aleksandr Sokurov

A dream, a nightmare. The doctor, the beauty, the devil and a choice. A metaphysical scenery, the absolute victory of the beauty and of youth above all others temptations, the constant desire, the motion of souls that produce strong energies and concatenations of events. A world seen as a closed box full of turpitudes and imperfections, misery and diseases. That girl is the answer in order to escape from that terrible reality, to sell your soul is the choice in order to have her and her love.