Sound MEMOs

The Georgian Band Nino Katamadze & Insight in poetry by Patricia Johanna Pluijmers

MEMO offers a new way of approaching music bringing nearer an interesting and diverse singer as the Georgian Nino Katamadze & Insight with a young and talented Dutch poet Patricia Johanna Pluijmers.
While not knowing each other, their paths crossed on the web and, while listening to the tracks of the last album of Nino Katamadze & Insight “GREEN”, Patricia took inspiration, a kind of enlightenment.
Patricia has managed to recreate through her poem a perfect dynamism, soft and cadenced.


The general description of their music is alternative rock and hip-pop but…are we really sure that this can deeply express who are Gorillaz?
The visual members of this so called collective are all skillful musicians but totally miserable animated characters: 2-D Vocals, Keyboard deeply influenced by Butorphanol Tartate, Phil Oakey and Lucio Fulci. The Japanese Noodle to the Guitars influenced by Haiku Poetry, Lao Zi and Richie Sambora. The man-mountain Russel Hobbs to the Drums has influences coming from Farrakhan and Chaka Khan. The satanic Murdoc Niccals to the Bass and drum machine, he is influenced by Sabbath, Dub, J Andrew Anderson, Dennis Wilson and Satan.

Florence + The Machine – Ceremonials

Who is the reddish and British Florence Welch? In an interview with Nylon magazine she said: “I wanted to be a witch when I was a child. I was obsessed with witchcraft. I always wanted to live in a world more magical. I had a small shrine at home and once I threw a spell because I wanted the child in the class next to mine to fell in love with me”. Indeed she is a witch, she is able to capture our mind and thoughts, each song can be suitable to any listener, the majesty of her lyrics lies in their universality.