Illustration MEMOs

Dain Fagerholm – Stereographic Drawing

Dain Fagerholm is an American illustrator. He’s from Seattle the city that gave birth to Nirvana. With his recent series of Stereographic hand drawn illustrations he has been able to surprise us. The resulting effect is charming and the scenes are funny but at the same time they carry some anxiousness with them. The sketched style is in contrast with the hyper realistic one typical of the classical stereographic images.

Matthew Lyons

Matthew Lyons is a young British illustrator who has a personal, already consolidated retro-futuristic style with a very well integrated modern touch. Objects and landscapes are most of the time based on basic shapes, triangle in primis, but thanks to a very accurate use of colors, textures, light and shadows they have a soul, resulting warm and attractive.

Georgi Dimitrov AKA Erase

Georgi Dimitrov is a Bulgarian Illustratort and Street Artist. His work is an explosion of color and is able to turn anonymous walls into beautiful pictures.

Russ Mills

Russ Mills, also known as byroglyphics is a British long term freelance illustrator who moved to the exhibitive path. The paintings here presented are part of his recent work and are mainly focused on the human and animal subject, exploring their forms with a very characteristic style.

Mattias Adolfsson

A prolific illustrator armed with a pencil and a fountain pen, often colorless, sometimes with the support of some watercolor and the constant yellowed paper as background. In his sketchbooks Mattias creates amazing worlds overflowing of minute details, where unlikely characters see their fates intertwined. Most of the times the hyper-detail takes us literally inside the drawing with a “Where’s Waldo?” mood.