7th ClipAward – Low & No Budget Short Film Festival

The ClipAward independent festival shows short features, animations, trash movies, documentaries, music videos, etc. and offers a platform and a network to promote your shorts, thus making them accessible to a wider public.

Russ Mills

Russ Mills, also known as byroglyphics is a British long term freelance illustrator who moved to the exhibitive path. The paintings here presented are part of his recent work and are mainly focused on the human and animal subject, exploring their forms with a very characteristic style.

Mattias Adolfsson

A prolific illustrator armed with a pencil and a fountain pen, often colorless, sometimes with the support of some watercolor and the constant yellowed paper as background. In his sketchbooks Mattias creates amazing worlds overflowing of minute details, where unlikely characters see their fates intertwined. Most of the times the hyper-detail takes us literally inside the drawing with a “Where’s Waldo?” mood.

Faust by Aleksandr Sokurov

A dream, a nightmare. The doctor, the beauty, the devil and a choice. A metaphysical scenery, the absolute victory of the beauty and of youth above all others temptations, the constant desire, the motion of souls that produce strong energies and concatenations of events. A world seen as a closed box full of turpitudes and imperfections, misery and diseases. That girl is the answer in order to escape from that terrible reality, to sell your soul is the choice in order to have her and her love.